Become the coach who helps people in the context of their real life & outside work responsibilities


The business culture dominated by the 'white male saviour' figure is insatiable, hustle-minded, money obsessed. It promotes a way of being that limits, shames and doesn't fit many people's lived experience.

Business happens in the context of your WHOLE life. Ignoring context is harmful and sabotages success. Understand this and it will transform how you coach and lead for GOOD.

In this mini course, you'll learn how you can immediately begin to coach in a way that lowers shame and restore joy- for you and your clients 

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Beyond the white male saviour in the coaching industry

What's included:


1. FIVE video modules

2. Workbook

3. Resources and tools for next steps


✔️ All videos & materials Immediately available online for you

✔️ Easy to follow introduction to understand the current dominant online coaching and business culture

✔️ Clearly recognise the 'space between' most coaches miss

✔️ Better identify your own context

✔️ Primer to begin serving your own clients more effectively in their context

✔️ Unlock commonly overlooked strengths

✔️ Discover a hustle-free way to grow your values based business without sacrificing what matters most to you

✔️ Lower shame, increase joy and recognise the contextual / cultural lies holding your clients- or you- back

✔️ Accompanying workbook & exercises


This is for you if...

You want to be the best coach, mentor or leader you can be and serve your clients with excellence...


You've seen things in the online coaching world that you know don't work for you and that are hurting people...


You've been in an online community that felt unhealthy or cult-like... Perhaps your gut has just not been happy and you couldn't place why, especially when others seem so enthused... and you started to think that maybe there was something wrong with you...

Then this is the PERFECT fit for you!

Hiya, I'm Dr. Kathrine

I'm a sociologist, psychotherapist, coach and podcaster whose specialty is helping women to live more satisfying lives that make sense for what lights them up and what they care most about in this world. 

I bring a whole life perspective to everything I do, whether that's helping you craft your path to winning a world championship gold medal, or building the business of your dreams. 

Your goals have to make sense in the context of your WHOLE life and that's simply not something that is taught anywhere near often enough.

That's why I created this pop up course to help you better understand your own context, and to introduce you to seeing your clients in the fullness of their context, so you can lower shame, increase joy and be a more effective coach, mentor and leader.

I want this, let's go!

Isabelle Fielding

'...beautifully articulate and passionate talk that addresses some of the issues that currently plague the coaching industry... it was so refreshing to hear a counter viewpoint to the hustle culture that can seem so prominent in the coaching world. Kathrine faces head on the responsibilities that we as coaches have, to acknowledge the context of our coachees, the systems they are a part of and barriers they may face. Thank you Kathrine for a fantastic experience, and for your impassioned plea to ensure that the coaching world is a place that benefits everyone.

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What you'll get:


✔️ All videos & materials Immediately available online for you

✔️ Easy to follow introduction to understanding the current dominant online coaching and business culture

✔️ Clearly recognise the 'space between' most coaches miss

✔️ Better identify your own context

✔️ Primer to begin serving your own clients more effectively in their context

✔️ Unlock commonly overlooked strengths

✔️ Discover a hustle-free way to grow your values based business without sacrificing what matters most to you

✔️ Lower shame, increase joy and recognise the contextual / cultural lies holding your clients- or you- back

✔️ Accompanying workbook & exercises

What you'll not get:

X Anti-male rants: if something hurts women, it hurts men too

X Excuses why you can't be successful

X Criticism of course providers- the issue is the culture, not individuals

X Individualistic guff that ignores the whole life you're actually living that all needs to fit into the time and energy you have available

X Any shaming you for having been part of the dominant paradigm or following any of its rules.

X Mere problem stating- this is about finding your best route forward, not wallowing in potential problems!

It's TIME to shake up the old 'shoulds'


You want to coach your clients and lead as best as you can. You genuinely care to be excellent at what you do, and you've invested a lot into your personal and professional development.

Yet whilst you've learned a lot of strategies and some have worked for you- and you're grateful for them- something in this culture just doesn't sit well with you.

Maybe it's the underlying message that you need to hustle... no matter how much the leader emphasises rest- the implication is still there that you would have more success if you only worked harder...

Perhaps it's the unquestioning and adoring 'community' that feels like a cult, or that you've witnessed tear someone apart for daring to question the leader...

Maybe you're just tired of hearing how to be successful, when what you're being taught simply doesn't fit when you've got young kids who're not sleeping through the night, caring responsibilities for a parent or are trying to keep your household safe, fed and watered without the support of a partner.

I don't know whether you're in one of these categories, or whether you're just weary of a paradigm that seems to make all its decisions on the basis of money, whereas you got into this to put values before even money...

I get it. I have been in this space for over 10 years, and I have seen and felt the damage done by this culture. And yet. I truly believe it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

I wholeheartedly believe that you were created YOU on purpose, and that there is meaning in that- WITHOUT you having to morph yourself into some mini-me clone of a guru.

When you begin to identify the culture that is writing the rules in the coaching space, you can choose whether you want to abide by those rules...

When you honour the complexity and uniqueness of your own context, you can breathe deeper, make your own free choices, and kick comparisons to the curb.

As you grow your skills to identify your clients' context, you'll avoid pitfalls of the same old 'solutions' that burden, shame and stifle their unique skills and perspectives.

There is so much MORE that the world is missing out on the benefits of, simply because people are being coached that they need to compartmentalise their life, live insatiably on a relentless quest for more, and defining their worth on the basis of their bank balance.

This is where that stops.

I hear you. I'm in!

You can coach with CONTEXT

Adanna Onuekwusi

"So many golden nuggets in there and so refreshing for me as a Black woman to hear certain personal experiences articulated and acknowledged, as well as lots of new things for me to consider"

See what so many coaches overlook

Become the coach who really sees the whole person in front of them, and works with clients recognising that what they come to you for is far from the totality of their whole life.

I'm ready, let's make it happen!

Imagine that you would work with an experienced systemic coach...

...who's an expert on contexted coaching and leadership. Someone who can help you recognise what doesn't 'fit' you and help you navigate your own path in a way that takes into account your WHOLE life instead of treating everything you love outside your business like some sort of distraction.

You can!

Sounds great! I'm in!

Understand the social conditioning impacting you & your clients

You don't exist in a bubble! You're alive at a particular moment in history, in a specific country, and subject to a whole host of other factors that have trained you in the 'norms' that inform your beliefs about yourself and your place in the world, your perspectives on what is possible for you and others... your clients also live in their own context, affected and influenced by any number of factors. 

You can respect and honour their context, and learn to recognise the strengths that other coaches wouldn't even think to look for.

Show me the context!

Detox from an unhelpful template for 'success'

If what you've been seeing online leaves you feeling icky, and if - for the LOVE- you never want to do one of *those* launches ever again, well, this is a perfect place to start your de-programming and detox journey.

I'm so ready for this!

Let's be honest here...

Me even doing this page still feels a little like the normal 'how to'... so to be clear, I'm still working out what this looks like for me- the bits that light my soul up, and the bits I want to hurl from the top of a tall building and never have to encounter again!

Everything I've got to share with you, I share as a fellow learner and grower, not as a perfect guru, but as someone fallible, still in process, that is perhaps just a little ahead on the road, and wants to share with you what I've seen from where I've got to so far. If you're looking for another guru or saviour-figure to follow, I'm not it.

If you're looking for someone who wants to share what they know, help you, and do her damnedest to avoid being put on a pedestal, then jump in and let's journey together.

Many's a business mentor would be HORRIFIED at me saying this, but I am DONE with the bluster and baloney. I want real, I want the stripped down truth, without spin, hype or manipulative psychology, and I'm willing to bet you're ready for some of that refreshment too.

It's ok if you're not, I will be here when and if you do. This is not for everyone.

But if you are ready, then I invite you to join me because I know how powerful what I have to share is.



Doctor of Sociology, coach and qualified psychotherapist Dr. Kathrine McAleese is who you turn to when you want to Live Bigger, Bolder, Braver.


Dr. Kathrine’s no-fluff, yet encouraging and humorous method is a shame-free zone. Relentlessly believing in her clients’ worth and purpose, she is a potential-whisperer. Over the past decade her clients results often involve achieving what they’d believed was ‘impossible’ for them, and seeing opportunities they’d previously imagined unreachable for ‘people like me’.


A former queen of burnout, Dr Kathrine is passionate about helping women build a business and life that work together, founded on their most cherished values so they can make the difference they crave in the world, not just superficially, but bringing systemic, multi-generational change. 

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Module 1-

Explore the currently dominant culture of the 'white male saviour'

Module 2:

Dive into your context so you know where you end and your clients begin

Module 3:

Your clients have whole lives beyond what you work on together. Learn more here

Module 4: 

Now we go deeper into the broader cultural context of the 'default male'

Module 5:

Next steps and how you're going to do something lasting with what you've learned

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Phyllis Woodfine

"A wonderful experience from someone who is clearly knowledgable, articulate and importantly relatable. I gained so much... Validating thoughts and discussions I have had as a woman and as a Black woman..."

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