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Build a life and business that work together, rich in time and satisfaction... and do it YOUR way, hustle-free, bespoke to how God made YOU. 

Let's make 2022 your year to quit striving. Find the soul-enriching rhythm to your business and life for sustainable impact & downright FUN!

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Dr Kathrine's mentorship has changed my game completely, best investment for my business... she's a bad ass mentor who can help you take over the world!

Who Is Dr. Kathrine?

Dr. Kathrine is a sociologist, high performance mindset coach & mentor from N. Ireland with over a decade's experience helping sportspeople, entrepreneurs and small business owners to be increasingly successful and live more satisfying lives.

Since 2015 she has developed more 'best life' and business mindset coaching for women, to help them live BIGGER, BOLDER, BRAVER, for a life that is more satisfying, packed with purpose and breaking down barriers.

Dr. Kathrine's programmes passionately reflect her belief that YOU have worth and purpose- none more so than her high performance VIP Coaching: Bigger, Bolder, Braver.

When Dr. Kathrine is not helping women unleash their feisty fabulousness, she can be found exploring the world with her husband & ridiculously cute puppy,  messing about with crafty sewing projects or working through one of her never-shrinking pile of books!!


Becky S. Says:

I love this woman, she's so genuine, so knowledgable and has given me so many valuable strategies to overcome things I didn't think would ever be possible for me 

Sandy S. Says:

Thank you for your life-changing and practical information. You're the BEST!

Results Dr. Kathrine's Clients Are Getting


* Increased Income & Expanded Businesses

* Achieving Ever Bigger & Bolder Goals (Including multiple international medallists & world champions)

* Less Stress, More Work-Life Harmony

* Strong Sense of Purpose & Seeing Meaningful Impact 

* Recognition as an authority in their field 

* In-demand For Their Skills & Knowledge

* Healthier Relationships

* Weight Loss & Increased Fitness

* A lot more joy and a lot less frustration

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