Are you feeling overwhelmed? Running around, constantly busy and feeling like a failure because your to-do list always seems to have more on it than you can get done?

Let me show you how to reduce the overwhelm so you can experience more calm in your schedule


Are you frustrated or even bitter that you're busting your buns to keep everyone else happy, without there ever seeming to be room for YOU? 

Let me show you how to be more than a bit-part player in your own life, without feeling like you're letting anyone else down


Are you sick to the back teeth of getting in your own way? Do you look at your life and feel disappointed that you haven't gotten further, and know that you've held yourself back and self-sabotaged your efforts?

Let me help you become your own best support


Feeling Overwhelmed?

Life is BUSY. You can have all these great ideas for improving your life, but a year goes by... and nothing has changed.

You're run off your feet with work and commitments that eat up all your time and you just haven't been able to find the time, energy or motivation to do something for you . . .


  • Finally busting past that mindset block that keeps tripping you up  or
  • Finding time to start your own side business or
  • Learning how to take time off without guilt and quit the cycle of burnout

Here's the deal: you can change this pattern, and small tweaks to your routine can have big impacts. That's where 1-1 Coaching comes in.



Anyone can change, but there are plenty of reasons why people don't. Here are 3 I see regularly.

They Think They'll Do It Later

Look, if you're overwhelmed and hurtling towards burnout, let's hit the STOP button on that, BEFORE you get ill. Putting off changing is only going to make things worse. As a recovering Queen of Burnout, I know this first hand to be true.

Instead, let's MAKE time NOT and arm you with strategies that give you space so you can take time to care for YOU... without guilt.

They're Not Sure If They Can Be More

If you fear that where you're at now is as good as it gets, then it's time to defy that lie. YOU can change. You just need to learn how.

Let me help you.

It's time to unleash your creativity. Drown out the naysayers and dream bigger. What CAN you achieve with the right support and a no-nonsense mindset?

They Don't Want to 'Waste' Money On Themselves

Investing in yourself pays off for everyone around you. A healthier, happier you has more energy to be with and help others. 

The stronger, healthier and more successful you are, the better for not just you, but those you love.

Investing in your development is something that separates the stuck from the soaring.

Dr. Kathrine McAleese

Sociologist | Podcaster | Entrepreneur | Writer | Dynamic Life & Business Coach |

Dr. Kathrine's mission is to help women live more meaningful lives with purpose, doing the things that light them up and able to take time off without guilt!

A recovering Queen of Burnout, Dr. Kathrine knows how easy it is to give so much of yourself that you're little more than a bit-part player in your own life, & now she is on a mission to help women live boldly, richly, in ALL their glory.

"After working with other coaches, I declared myself “uncoachable” because I found the process so frustrating. Dr. Kathrine is amazing. Rather than asking questions endlessly, she offers real-world strategies on how to take action in a variety of situations. She effortlessly explains the science behind her recommendations. She tells stories that ring true, including from her own life. And, she is so funny. If you want to feel at home while also doing the sometimes-scary work of becoming a better version of yourself, start with Dr. Kathrine. "

Roxanne H.
Best Selling Author

Are you Ready to Get to Work?

What would it be worth to you if you could look back in 3 months' time and know that you're not as frustrated, as exhausted, as self-critical as you are right now?

Pay Monthly

1 x 90 minute Intensive 1-1 Video Coaching Call Each Month (3 per 90 day programme)

1 x 30 minute Progress & Accountability Call Each Month (3 per 90 day programme)

Specific Actionable Steps 

Accountability & Support as You Change


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1 x 90 minute Intensive 1-1 Video Coaching Call Each Month (3 per 90 day programme)

1 x 30 minute Progress & Accountability Call Each Month (3 per 90 day programme)

Specific Actionable Steps 

Accountability & Support as You Change


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Get Immediate Access To An Entire Suite of Courses (worth $538) In Your Own Private Learning Portal, To Accelerate Your Progress:

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* Let it Go: Dealing with Disappointment & Handling Other People

* They're Watching Me: Performing Confidently When All Eyes Are On You

* Choose to Change: How to form and maintain the HABITS you want


Total Bonuses Value:  $538 

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Previous Success Stories...

Here's what just a few previous clients have achieved...


* left a business that was sucking the life from her, and found the courage to train in a new profession that she is passionate about


* has created a seamless customer experience for her students, reducing stress, increasing revenue, boosting repeat business and improving staff satisfaction.


* can now delegate in style and take time off- without guilt!


* is overcoming her fears and living a bolder, more adventurous life. She's regularly leaving her comfort zone behind, grabbing life more fully and embracing new experiences of travel, persona training, professional development...


There are hundreds more past and present students who have achieved all kinds of goals: from enriching their relationships to reaching world championships in their chosen sport.


What will YOU achieve in the next 90 days with Refresh | Refine | Reboot? 


My Story

I'm a recovering Queen of burnout and I run a business I love. I'm extremely thankful for the diversity of branches in my business and the multiple ways I get to help other women step into their potential.

I passionately believe that we were not put here to make up the numbers! We each have purpose, and the 'societal script' we often feel like we 'should' follow is often really limiting and a poor fit for each of our unique sets of skills, passions and dreams.

So where I can help women shake free of such socially constructed (read: false) constraints, I want to do that!

That's where my passion for this work comes from- we were created to live life to its FULLEST, not shuffle along on some cosmic conveyer belt of smallness and misery! 

Get Refresh | Refine | Reboot Coaching Now

Refresh | Refine | Reboot

Here's what you can expect when you join and do the work:

Gain Clarity

You'll know where and how to start to make reaching your goals quicker and easier

Reduce Stress

Learn how to prioritise what matters most and say 'no' without feeling bad

Build Momentum

90 days is short enough to focus on, and long enough to make significant progress

Online Coaching

A combination of monthly intensives and shorter progress calls keep you fired up and focused


Specially selected free bonuses will support & enhance your Coaching experience

You're in Control

You are in charge. It's your choice to invest in yourself & YOU decide what you want to achieve

1-1 with Dr. Kathrine

You're not going to get lost in a large group- in this programme it's all about you

Life with more Meaning

No wasting your time on things that don't bring you joy. Life's too short. Live yours meaningfully


You've read this far because you know something needs to change. Now it's decision time- are you ready?


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