Refresh | Refine | Reboot 1-1 Mentoring Opportunity

You know you were made for more than this.

You crave to live out the purpose you have inside you and find out just how much you really can achieve.

Yet something has held you back...

Maybe it's worry about what others would think, fear of failure, or anxiety about being judged...

If nothing changes, you're going to be in the same position - or worse - this time next year... feeling FRUSTRATED, BURNT OUT, still not living out your passion and purpose.

What if, instead, you decided right here and now that you WILL become that best version of yourself?

Where will you be this time next year when you've learned how to ignore the voices talking you out of your dreams, and have boldly stepped into this fuller version of yourself?

This is possible for YOU. 

You have been operating with thinking that has got you here, and as you transform that, you'll realise that it wasn't your fault that you got stuck. By intentionally renewing your thinking, well, you'll see a whole new you emerging!

This is Your Time

Good intentions don't cut it. We've ALL experienced that!

Now is Your Opportunity to TAKE ACTION.


* But I'm too busy: You are busy, but if you're too busy to make time for developing yourself, then, Houston we have a problem. You can do the exercises anywhere, anytime. So if you ever commute, take a shower, eat a meal... you have time to do this.

* I can't afford it: What will it cost you to carry on to burnout? What will the relationship cost be if you keep doing what you're doing and get bitter, angry or depressed? What will it cost you if this offer comes around next year and you're still doubting yourself and kicking yourself that you didn't invest in yourself this year?

* I don't know if it will work for me: Do you have a human brain? Can you follow a step by step process? Then it's not about you and whether you're worth it / smart enough / enough generally... this process is based on how the human brain is wired.

 * What if it doesn't work?: If you're committed to following simple steps, it will work for you. If you're not committed, then of course it won't work. The choice is yours- you control it!


Ready to jump in?


You'll benefit from:

  • 1-1 SUPPORT throughout
  • Accountability so your plans come to life with ACTION
  • Guidance to make the changes YOU choose
  • All based on SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN strategies
  • YOU guide the process- you are the expert on your life, no-one else
  • COACHING & MENTORSHIP with a proven track record of client success


Included in this offer:

3 x 90 minute Intensive 1-1 Video Coaching Calls (1 each month during the 90 day programme)

3 x 30 minute Progress & Accountability Video Calls (1 each month during the 90 day programme)

Specific Actionable Steps to maximise progress between coaching calls

Accountability & Support as You Change 



Get Immediate Access To An Entire Suite of Courses (valued at over £347) In Your Own Private Learning Portal, To Accelerate Your Progress:

* First Steps Forward: to gain clarity & design a life that fits what matters most to you

* Let it Go: Dealing with Disappointment & Handling Other People

* They're Watching Me: Performing Confidently When All Eyes Are On You



Total Bonuses Value:  $347

(Instantly accessible in your own private library & accessible throughout the entire duration of your Programme!)