Get Unstuck!

If you feel like you're stuck, this one's for you!

Maybe you feel like you've been stuck for so long, you've taken root.

Maybe the very idea that things could be different feels like a myth.

Or maybe you actually just don't know where to start.

Get Unstuck is about starting with a tiny baby step that fits YOUR life and what YOU would like to improve.

We're going to get together in a SMALL group where you can ask questions and we can outline SMALL and PRACTICAL steps that are appropriate and do-able for YOU to take to make progress.

If you're fed up, frustrated or just plain ready to live with more purpose, get you seat in this limited space workshop, and let's get you unstuck!

Get Unstuck

 1 Seat in our Interactive 'Get Unstuck!' Workshop on FRIDAY 29th JUNE at 4pm (UK)

$20.00 USD