Growing Your Dog-Centred Business: 5 Takeaways From An Elite Event

Whether you're just starting out, or looking to increase your business, there is no substitute for good coaching.

Unfortunately, accessing that business coaching can be time consuming and expensive! And how do you even know who is worth listening to?!

I've recently returned from an incredible event in Toronto- in fact, what I have learned from my mentor there is how Mental Mastery came to exist and is why my business has transformed over the past 18 months.

 I'm going to give you my Top 5 Takeaways from this event and bring them to you for peanuts- thus saving you time and $$$$! 

You will gain:

* Vision for a simpler way to help your customers 

* A stress-busting strategy for increasing income

* 2 major ways to free up more of your time from the tasks that bore you or keep you from doing what you're actually good at

* Clarity on the attitude used by successful business owners, and how you can apply it for yourself

* 1 essential tool for developing your dog-centred business

...and more!

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In true Dr. Kat style, I'll also be giving you insights into WHY they are important and could make a difference to your business. Not to mention passing on a few of the HOWs you'll need to implement them.

Join me on Friday 6th July at 5pm (UK, Noon Eastern) for a live online workshop where we'll go through my top 5 takeaways that big businesses are using to scale, and that are helping new businesses to grow.





Note: NO earnings or other benefits are guaranteed. Results may vary and stories shared may not be typical- your results are at all times your responsibility and will depend on a multitude of factors not least your skills, time, efforts, market awareness etc. etc. No liability for any outcome will be accepted, your results are yours to own and to celebrate!

Growing Your Business Workshop

$20.00 USD