First Steps Forward

Do you have a new venture in mind, but you're not sure if you should go for it?

Worried you're not expert enough or that you might fail again?

Ready to start, but don't know how or where to begin?


First Steps Forward, by Dr. Kathrine McAleese will help you to work out the answers to these questions and many more.

This is a beginner level course which can be completed around your current situation, at your own pace.

In First Steps Forward you will learn:

* The vital steps to help you weigh up whether to embark on that new career or business you've been considering,

* How to do it in a way that helps you use your unique strengths and

* Step confidently forward towards the life you want to have.

* Lessons can be completed by anyone at any age or stage and are designed to be easily followed even if you have never made a change in life direction before. 



You get:

* 15 Tutorials

* Video Training

* Audio Downloads of ALL Video Tutorials

* ALL Applicable Worksheets to Guide You Through the Practical Exercises

* Self-Study at Your Own Pace

* Ongoing Access to Materials for Future Review as You Grow


PLUS BUY NOW and you will also get this FREE BONUS:


* Mindset Training on Defying Fear (mp3) (worth $37!)




This course is awesome! Short, sweet, very challenging. -Katrina


The course is short enough that it doesn't feel like a massive time commitment, but
each module is really useful and relevant. -Anna


This is a great class for anyone considering a new venture as it poses the
questions we often don't ask of ourselves -Tracey


The exercises in this class forced me to think outside the box. It came along at a
time I was contemplating a change in my life. The questions here made me reassess my
priorities and figure out how I can align my new venture with them to live a happier
life. I would recommend this class if you are at a crossroads in your life. -Brenda


This course did what I hoped it would in giving great direction on how to proceed
with a new venture... I'm so happy I took the course because it will
make those adjustments so much easier to do at this point than months or years down the line." -Marie


* Time guideline: it will be possible (dependent on individual circumstances) to complete all the lessons within 2 days. However, this is not a race and merely mentioned as a guideline that this is a LOW time commitment to complete this course.


First Steps Forward

* 15 Tutorials  * Video Training  * PLUS Audio Downloads of ALL Video Tutorials  * BONUS Mindset Training on Defying Fear (MP3)  * Includes All Applicable Worksheets to Guide You Through the Practical Exercises  * Self-Study at Your Own Pace  * Ongoing Access to Materials for Future Review as You Grow  

$97.00 USD